The pre-reno pictures

It's been raining for the past few days so it was difficult to get shots with decent lighting. But then again, it also helped me find out that I need to catch the light for the dining area because it can get a little dim.

The ex-owners were very kind to have cleaned up the house after they moved out. On with the pictures.

This is the view from the "front" of the house looking into the kitchen.

Another view of the living room. The opening on the left leads to the bedrooms.

This is from the kitchen, looking towards the living room. The cabinet on the right separates the dining area from the kitchen. The door next to it opens to the where the storeroom currently is.

View of the kitchen. The door on the left is for the storeroom. There are 2 doors on the right, the one in front goes to the common bathroom, the one at the back goes to the service balcony. The storeroom and common toilet opening I'm left with about 2m x 3m of space for the kitchen. So I hope to be able to relocate the toilet entrance to the service balcony, and hack away the storeroom.

This is bedroom 3, which we are considering converting into a study. There used to be a set of bookshelves where the white patch is now. I guess that was as far as the previous owners could reach when the repainted the house.

This is bedroom 2, the smallest of the 3 bedrooms. It will be reserved for my DS. For now, it'll be his playroom since he is sleeping with me and DW in the MBR for the time being.

Two views of the MBR. The wardrobe actually looks better in the picture than it actually is.

Two views of the MBR toliet. Its the older type with only one water-trap.

The common toilet on the left and service balcony on the right.


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