Air Conditioning

I'm considering either Diakin, Panasonic or Sanyo air-con systems.
My current StarMex Easy Clean, which I have had for a little over 2 years, has been a big disappointment. I've also been told by people who does air-con servicing that StarMex is known to problematic. I was skeptical at first, putting it down to either a bad installation job or just my luck that I got a bad unit.
That was until a week ago when my air-con went bonkers. It first happened to my room. On and off the air-flow wasn't cooled. It was just regular humid warm air being pushed out. Soon it was happening in the other rooms.

Credit should be given to the service team though. I called the service centre and gave a vague description of that I was only getting cooled air on and off. A service visit was arrange for the following day. S$140 for the trip and repair, S$60 if I choose not to go ahead with the servicing after the inspection. Cost for the parts is charged separately.
Just before the appointed time, I turned on the air-con for a check. And wouldn't you know it, it was working fine - all three of them. Just my luck. How do I show the service guy my "faulty" air-con when its working now?
Strangely enough, the service guy came with a box in hand. A quick check and I was informed that the circuit board for the outdoor unit was fried. I was shown the faulty component - a frayed box capacitor - and was asked if I would like to proceed with the replacement. Of course, I said yes. No more warm nights.
Out came the replacement board from the box and soon everything was working fine and dandy. That will be S$254 thank you very much. Given my vague description of the problem, I was surprised that the service guy knew exactly which part to bring along. Usually the parts would be left in the van and they would only know which part is needed "after" the inspection. Which would mean, vague as it was, my description was apparently enough and something that they are probably all too familiar with. Which means that its a common fault. But my unit is only 2 years old!
So StarMex is out for me.
Daikin is a well known brand that is reliable, it is also more expensive. And while Sanyo has also been known to be reliable, there has been sporadic comments recently that its not what it used to be. Panasonic has also been recommended to me lately.
So it'll be one of the three. I'll post an update once I've decided which to get.


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